Poet: Leila Sadeghi

Translator: Prof. Farzad Sharifian



At the end of a line I have begun
The taste of my cigarette has changed my mind
Still your ‘I love you’ comes out as if it died
Between the lines read me alone
Silent I become every second one,
The one living between us, at the beginning of a line
That I don’t say to anyone

How abstract you walk in my thoughts!
More abstract than divine
How sad, more than a word of condolence
I look at you, my silence!
Why not going away! You must not stay
When the taste of my cigarette has changed my mind
The smoke of words I inhale, from the other end,
My lips, it burns

Why not going away! Every second way,
The way stands between the lines that I don’t want
How abstract, more than a gaze at the end of silence!
How far you stand when it is impossible to fade away



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