A little gold fish has fallen into my mind


Poet: Leila Sadeghi

Translator: Prof. Farzad Sharifian

Deeply I oppose
to the water that you swallow, the one that flows

Swim! Dance!
Why don’t you struggle?
My words juggle
within your throat
A gold fish has fallen into my mind, it floats
A wisp, wisp, whisper of ‘water’, ‘water’

I feel alone
When you carve half of the loaf
You starve the other half of the soul

A door gets closed,
And a dove gets caged in my heart trove.

And the moment I shout
A carcass of words is swallowed with water in my mouth

Puff! Puff! It’s cold inside
And it shows I deeply oppose

Why your coming over to me leaves me from my other side
The moment my friend, I wisp, wisp, whisper …
Swim! Dance! Why don’t you struggle?
The moment I juggle,
the moment I am strangling from my end, bubbles, bubbles, ….

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