Your name passes through the shot


Poet: Leila Sadeghi

Translator: Prof. Farzad Sharifian

‘Stone’ I write to break my silence,
To say, “My name passes through the shot”,
To reach … from your throat
From the shout that tears up my coat
Tears my body, as a whole
Here I am by the blood that just paves for you the road,
To flow … from your thoughts, like an ode

Down with the hands you wash with my blood,
Wash your hands off me, an ending dot.
Down with the road that is being paved,
To hide the blood stains, shout of the slain
Down with me for not yelling:"Down with you"
Why don’t you take your hands off
The knot you have tied in place of my neck,
Breathe the last gasp with this last grasp
Breathe only a word huma …, hum …, hue …, man
Forbid you God to shed blood
Why have you changed my feet with my eyes?
To be hooked onto the road, or not to let me rise?

A wreath I buy for myself
On behalf of the one who prunes my life, spot by spot
To put it on the name that passes through the shot

Thank you for leaving me, my blood
Showing all that here I am a dead bud
Breathe only a word huma …, hum …, hue …, man
The last gasp with this hue without a man


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